Reveals The Cosmic Truth About Who You Truly Are.
Master Your EGO and Other Complex Personalities To Write Your Own Destiny

First, What Are The 12 Natal Chart Personas Within You?

I want to reveal some very sacred information with you,

This is the type of information that will change the entire trajectory of your life -- which I can feel you’re finally, truly ready for.

You wouldn’t be here if your soul wasn’t ready to quantum leap into this next level of your life!

Are you ready to embody the power of your true self?

We all have multiple personalities (or signs) within ourselves -- even you. If there’s ever been moments in your life where you feel internally conflicted, it may be because there are aspects of yourself that you don’t completely understand, but that still wish to be experienced.

Now this doesn’t mean that you have a mental illness or that you’re schizophrenic or anything of that nature. The different personas that exist within you are completely natural and have been proven time and time again throughout history.
Even Sigmund Freud, the father of psychiatry, discovered The Freudian Theory of Personality that includes a wide variety of the self within one’s self.

He taught that every individual contains different personalities that all hold the same goal: unity.

The only way to achieve that objective is through exploring and accepting the fragmented versions of the self -- and this Ascendant Persona Reading is going to help you achieve that!

Your unique birth chart is your literal “script of life.”

While you may have previously felt that life was just happening to you, this Natal Chart Persona Reading will help you step into a more creative role and take the lead as a “script writer” or someone who can make choices that are truly in alignment with your highest self -- the real co-creator and extension of this magnificent Universe that you are! 
You have your own individual energies, needs, challenges, triggers, and strengths that come natural to you. It’s important for you to explore all these facets of yourself to innerstand your power.

Your birth chart represents the 12 “characters'' or signs and how they work together as a whole. In order to understand the whole, you must understand each piece individually.

The reason that this reading is called the “Natal Chart Persona Reading” is not just for giggles. There’s even powerful reasoning behind this as well!

The word “personality” is derived from “per-sonare,” meaning “that which rings through.” Each of your personas that we will explore rings through the entire chart and creates its own unique sound.

We like to think that your personas represent “that which shines through,” and once you understand your entire chart, you will understand your unique light to shine! 
Let’s start with the first house, or the astrological house traditionally ruled by Aries. In your Natal Chart Persona Reading, we refer to this as your 1st house because this is where you assert yourself in the human experience with the Aries warrior spirit within you.

This is where you should always start with your Natal Chart Persona Reading because it defines the exact moment that you were born (down to the minute) and the first time the spirit took breath in your body.

The 1st House is what defines your first interaction with spirit in the human experience.

It defines your perception of the world which then begins to morph the perception you will have over the rest of the world around you.
Let’s break down the rest of the personas that you can expect to learn through and through in your personalized

Ascendant Persona Reading

The Beautiful Thing About The Self is that there is so Much to Learn.

As I mentioned earlier, you probably already know your zodiac sign. However, did you know that The 5th House is directly correlated to both the ego and your ability to unlock your solar power energy and confidence within?

This sacred information is life-changing because it can bring you out of a period of stagnation!

The thing about the ego is that it’s here to keep you safe and help you understand yourself, but it has kept you within the same stage in life for too long.

Many of us fall into the trap of the ego -- of the comfort zone -- when we think we know ourselves.

Understanding your 5th House can completely change your narrative right here, right now by shifting your perspective of self and renaming yourself as The Hero of your own life’s story.

I want to share your 5th House Persona Reading with you FOR FREE.


it’s time to discover all 12 personas that exist within you -- but especially your very special 5th House Persona.

This is one of the 12 keys to creating the most abundant, fulfilling life that you’ve yet to experience.

Think about what you’ve already come across in this lifetime…




Failed relationships?

Although the ego tries to protect you, it can keep you in the same cycles that no longer serve you anymore.

All of these experiences did not go in vain! They have helped you to identify (just like the ego is supposed to do!) what you do not like and now you’re ready to create the life of your dreams.

You’re about to unmask all of the secret parts of yourself that can help you understand this complex puzzle we call “life.”

Your unique energy is one of a kind that deserves to be not only explored and experienced by you first hand, but you have so much light to shine on the world!

The rest of us need you to step into your power, too!
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